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When I Look At You Music Video!

Still waiting for a new Miley Cyrus video to come out? Well, wait no more because Miley’s song, When I Look At You, already has its music video, with Australian hottie Liam Hemsworth!

What are you waiting for? Go check it out! 😀


Miley: “There’s no dude”

Miley answered five questions from Access Hollywood. She talks about her “fake” hair, her addiction to texting and most question people are intrigued with: Who’s the dude you’re dating?

Miley’s answer?

There’s no dude.

(She isn’t dating anyone seriously because she doesn’t have time.)

Miley’s Tour Begins on SUNDAY!


Yes! Miley’s Wonder World tour is starting on Sunday! Miley’s momma, Tish, confirmed it herself on Twitter.

According to Miley’s blog, they’ve only got 3 weeks instead of the normal 3 months to pull it off! WOW. How can this girl juggle all the intensity? Kudos to you, Miley!

Are YOU going to one of her concerts?

Miley’s Blog: “I missed my baby brother!”


Miley posted another post on her blog, Confessions of a Broken Heart, saying:

So my brudder was away with some friends, I never knew I could miss my little brother. Ever. On tour I did, duh. But we’re so close in age we fight all the time. After NY he went with a few friends and drove like 6 hours and he had a blast!!! I talked to him a total of 3 times since last Friday. No lie!!!

Well he came home today and surprised me at my dress rehearsal, he had to have spun me around at least 10 times!! He’s been sharing stories with me about his “adventure” but one reaaallyy got to me!

He was at an old friend of both of ours house, and the first night he heard something kicking against the closet door. He went to sleep anyway. The last night he stayed there again and he slept in the living room, he turned over and said above their TV, he saw a face. He said there was no explination for what he’d seen. The weirder thing was he said he felt completely cold, he couldn’t move and his body went numb. Which couldve meant he went into shock. But it’s still kinda weird!

I love those stories. 🙂 just thought I’d share! He also brought me back the most PRECIOUS gift!!

I can’t believe I actually MISSED my baby brother!! He is so cute. I think we’re goin to go see 9 tonight wiff some friends and him!! I’m excited to hang with my brother. How weird is that?!?

Can you say “awwww”?

Random Quote

“If you don’t love it then there’s no reason to do it.”

Miley Dreams of “Peter Pan”


Before “insomniatic” Miley finally goes to sleep, she (of course) – just like any sixteen-year-old girl in the world would – ended her day with a tweet, saying:

Had my nightly cup of tea & now its time to go off into some crazy dreamland! I hope I am dating Peter Pan again! That’s my favorite dream!

Sure, all sounds normal. But if you’re fond of the Jonas Brothers and you know their current single, Fly With Me, then of course you would think like I am right now!

Peter Pan and Wendy turned out fine. So won’t you fly with me?

Do YOU think Miley is tweeting about Nick Jonas?

Party In The USA (Rap Remix!)

Alex Strife (aka _DJ_) created another one of his awesome rap remixes! This time, he did Miley‘s upbeat song from her E.P., Party In The U.S.A. Check out the video above and tell me what you think!

“Still weird to see my face on a poster”


Ever since Miley starred in Disney’s hit show Hannah Montana, her fame suddenly exploded, making her one phenomenal superstar. And of course that meant she’s got thousand of fans, cash (well, doesn’t she?) and posters. Her face is practically on ever magazine! Which is why it’s kind of strange to hear the star say:

Yup. It’s official. Still weird to see my face on a poster. 😐

Looks like Miley still isn’t used to it! And thus, another reason we love her. Despite the fact that she’s so big, she’s still a normal girl!

Time Of Our Lives (E.P.)


Track Listings:

Kicking and Screaming
Party in the U.S.A.
When I Look At You
Time Of Our Lives
Talk Is Cheap
Before the Storm (Live)

Miley Cyrus’ new E.P. Time Of Our Lives had been out days ago, if you don’t know, and if you still don’t have it, I’m telling you that you should totally get it because it’s amazing (of course)! It’s only available at Wal-Mart, though, so it’s kind of a problem to people who live outside of the USA.

But then again, it’s the 21st century and the Internet exists! So click here to order your very own copy (it’s only $8.00)! BUT! If you still don’t want to order (I’m not an online shopping fan myself), you can listen to the songs FREE on YouTube (where else?). You can just click on the song you want to hear under “Track Listings” and rock out!

I like Obsessed the most. And of course Before The Storm. Who could ever resist the Niley cuteness? What is YOUR favorite song?


Miley (mismile) said that she’s going to play When I Look At You at her church next Sunday!

Yayyy I am performing “When I Look At You” at my church next Sunday before I leave for tour. =] that song can TOTALLY be about the LORD. ❤

Miley and Mandy “DOO DA DOO” Bracelets

Doo Da Doo Bracelets

Our favorite best friends, Miley Cyrus and Mandy Jiroux, has collaborated with Jac Vanek and created their very own bracelets! And not just any kind of bracelets, but Doo Da Doo bracelets.

The girls showed their creation on their new Miley and Mandy video (which is now set to private for some reason we don’t know, although you can click here to see a copy). The words “Doo da doo! It’s all good” is engraved on the band.  “Because that’s the type of attitude we like to have,” Mandy explained.

Apart from the upbeat words, two stars with the the girls’ names on each and a heart with Jac Vanek’s name also appears on the bracelet.

There are two options to choose from: white and blue, or black and white! If you want to get one, you should check out to get your very own Doo Da Doo bracelet, and maybe, you can get your bestie to buy one too!