Miley and Mandy “DOO DA DOO” Bracelets

Doo Da Doo Bracelets

Our favorite best friends, Miley Cyrus and Mandy Jiroux, has collaborated with Jac Vanek and created their very own bracelets! And not just any kind of bracelets, but Doo Da Doo bracelets.

The girls showed their creation on their new Miley and Mandy video (which is now set to private for some reason we don’t know, although you can click here to see a copy). The words “Doo da doo! It’s all good” is engraved on the band.  “Because that’s the type of attitude we like to have,” Mandy explained.

Apart from the upbeat words, two stars with the the girls’ names on each and a heart with Jac Vanek’s name also appears on the bracelet.

There are two options to choose from: white and blue, or black and white! If you want to get one, you should check out to get your very own Doo Da Doo bracelet, and maybe, you can get your bestie to buy one too!


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